Featured Collection (Room & Linen Spray)

The ultimate Inspired Designer Fragrance 
Room Spray will change your home forever! 
Why not nourish your home with a luxurious 
refreshing Inspired Designer Room & Linen Spray 
giving your home the final touch it needs. 
These sprays can be used to refresh your linen 
or home furnishings.

How to use

Safety Instructions

  • spray at least 15 inches away from any fabrics , curtains or polished surfaces
  • spray high into the air 
  • Do not directly spray onto furnishings, open flames or other heat sources
  • Do not allow the oil to come in any contact with polished, painted or synthetic surfaces or fabrics.
  • You must NOT drink any of the contents and keep away from children and pets
  • Any spillage must be cleaned up immediately, we can not be held responsible for spillage
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets and where it wont get knocked over
  • store bottles out of direct sunlight.
  • All room spray bottles come with safety instructs and the legal CLP
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Highly flammable
  • Please make sure you follow all safety instructions, we can’t be held responsible if you miss use this product
  • All room sprays will be issued with a reference number which will be allocated to your order reference

Take the clear lid off and point your room spray up into the air pressing the spray 3 times to fill the air with fragrance. Be sure to replace the lid after each use. Please do not spray directly onto any furnishings or polished surfaces, if the spray comes in contact with your skin wash the area with warm soapy water.

Our room sprays are to give you that quick burst of fragrance and you will smell the fragrance for short periods after spraying it, this is a room spray so it won’t keep your room smelling of the scent all day unlike our wax. Our room sprays have been made with high quality products, once your room spray is empty the bottles can be recycled and the spray can also be recycled too.

 Please keep all bottles out of reach of children, these should be stored high out of reach or locked in a cupboard. We pride ourselves on keeping everyone safe.

Do not spray on plastic or leather surfaces 
as it may discolour them.

Please wipe the surface immediately 
if contact is made.

Each bottle is 100ml.

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