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Give your carpets a boost of freshness!
Use our Carpet Freshener liberally in broad strokes across your carpets, rugs  & mattresses. Allow the powder to settle for as long as possible but a minimum of one hour for better results.  Remove the powder by vacuuming the treated areas, sit back and enjoy the effects. The powder contains only safe ingredients, but we advise that children and pets are kept away from the areas being treated until the powder has been vacuumed away. Our deodorising product will give your carpets and rugs a fragrance boost! We do advise you keep your filters clean regular on your vacuum and we can not take any responsibility for them clogging up as we do advise you only use carpet freshener no more than once a week, please do not misuse this product. Many homeowners turn to carpet deodorizing powders, which promise to promote cleanliness and reduce odour. Although they certainly make the room smell fresher, many contain nasty chemicals, but we’ve made ours environmentally friendly. Can be also used on your mattress.

Safety Instructions
  • please do a test patch first before using fully on your carpet
  • to open, just pull the seal apart, this then means you can close
    the seal to keep the contents dry.
  • please read our instructions on how to use.
  • keep away from children and pets.
  • keep stored dry and away from children.
  • contents sound only be used by an adult.

Approx 370 grams.

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